Protein Is Important To Our Body

Many Uses Of Protein

Normally, proteins are very important to our bodies. It is not just for bodybuilder who use them to gain muscle mass. While those who are sick, use them to rebuild damaged tissue and even in normal states. Furthermore,our body uses protein for many other tasks.

Proteins Made Up Of Amino Acids

Proteins are made of amino acids folded together. ProteinThere are essential amino acids, those that our body cannot make. And non-essential amino acids,  those that our body can make. Proteins that contain all the essential amino acids are complete.

While those that lack in one or more essential amino acid are incomplete. Complete proteins come from sources such as meat, eggs, cheese, dairy and soy. Incomplete proteins come mainly from vegetable sources with the one exception being soy.

Complete Protein Ideal Source Essential Amino Acids

Therefore, the ideal source is complete proteins. For most people, it is not a problem. If it worries you about fat intake, try lean cuts of beef, chicken and turkey.

However, for vegetarians whose main source comes from incomplete proteins, get a variety of vegetables and whole grains throughout the day. This will make sure to consume all essential amino acids. Also, using soy protein (which is the only complete vegetable source of protein) is very beneficial.

Good Protein Sources

Good protein sources are eggs, full-fat dairy, cheese, yoghurt, fish, chicken, with the skin, not battery fed and some meat, preferably organic. At least pasture raised. Not from animals raised in feed lots and fed with grains because that destroys the quality of the meat.

Whereas, a healthy high protein diet for humans does not exist. If your diet was 100% protein, you would get sick and die. You cannot really overdose on fat. It reduces appetite. It is the best way to get over sugar addiction.

The carbohydrates – fat – protein ratio: is if you are diabetic, 20% to 30% protein, 60% to 70% fat, 5% carbohydrates. The sicker you are the more fat you need because fat is insulin neutral.

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